A downloadable game for Windows

This game is done by 4 italians Developers 3 artists and 1 programmer.

Beside the music and the animations all the assets are done by us in 48 hours of work, this are the links were to find them:

https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music (Skull Fire- jingle Punks )


Doge the attacks and complete the combos before your opponent if you get punch you will restart your combo , who has more points win.

Move Right      → 

 Move left           ←

 Jump                    ↑

Crouch                 ↓

Dash                       ← + ←  or  → + →

Left punch          A   

Right punch       S  

  Left kick               D

Right kick            F

Head hit                SPACE


Build.rar 43 MB

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