A downloadable The Bench for Windows

Game done for the Quarantine Jam, 

Theme  A LOT OF

We are a small team of 4 people, 3 Artists, and 1 Programmer, this is our second jam game, hope you like it!!

Feeding animals has never been so stressful, in The Bench you are an old man, Benchamin, trying to enjoy a sunny day in the park, but a storm of animals is attempting to eat you alive, try to feed them before they come too close and kill you.


Feed the animals with the right type of food and try to keep them away by hitting them with the cane. You have to resist 3 minutes for winning.

Pigeon ----- Bread

Raccoon ----- Pizza 

Dog ----- Hot Dog

Squirrel ------ Peanut

Cat ------ Fish


-Mouse to look around

- Right Mouse Button to launch the food

- Left Mouse Button to hit with the cane

-Scroll wheel OR 1 2 3 4 5 to change types of food

1 Hot Dog

2 Bread

3 Fish

4 Pizza

5 Peanut


The assets are completely done by us in these 3 days except for the music and the sounds that are bought assets from the Marketplace and Unity AssetStore.



Updated 6 days ago
Published 12 days ago
AuthorsCaptainspoof, Vufush, Teo.BOT, Wampire86
GenreStrategy, Action, Simulation
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Animals, Atmospheric, Funny, Physics, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


TheBench.zip 267 MB


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Reminds me of The Graveyard, except this game is kinda the opposite :)


Hello everyone this one was an interesting one for me ! I had a lot of fun but  i do feel there is a lot of room of improvement. Maybe different ways to repel your animal friends. More variation in animals and feeding maybe something a bit different feeding techniques. Like I feel that if you throw the food they should still pick it up but somehow i feel that its need to be right in front of you for them to realise that the feeding is there.

Its a fun game and look forward to see more released updates. Maybe co op as well that could be fun? 

Keep it up devs.



feeding animals is dangerous 😂 good thing I had a cane!!


Hi! This is the POST JAM FIX version of The Bench 0.2 , If you want to rate the submission please don't take into consideration this one but download the original one made in 3 days.

Additional feature:

--The stick now can stun animals for 5 second

--When the animals are stunned they have a stun effect on their heads


 We had to balance some stuff to make the game fairer:

--Fix some bugs

--The spawn of the animals is been reduced 

--The spawn of the types of species now is gradual 

--The UI of the stamina flashed red when not enough

--Removed Wonky (the old version of the cat)






Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


Love it, Thanks you, you have one new subscriber.


Thank you so much i really appreciate it :D


Thanks a lot! <3