A downloadable game for Windows

This game is done for the  DevSquad Academy Jam

Theme  Connected Worlds

We are a small team of 4 people, 3 Artists, and 1 musician, this is our Fourth jam game, hope you like it!!

The enemy of mine is a  Tower Defence game where  you  control the defence and the attack 


this is a real-time strategy game where you fight against yourself.

In the first phase, you play as defense and you have to place, upgrade,, and repair turrets to protect the core. 
In the second phase, you play as the attack against your previous moves, and you have to place, enemy, and attack the turret to destroy the core. 


left mouse click - move the camera around / select target

right mouse click- place turret /attack

Middle mouse button - rotate the object

W-A-S-D  - Move  the Bot around

P- Pause


The assets are completely done by us in these 2 weeks except for the sounds that are bought assets from the Marketplace and Unity AssetStore.



TheEnemyOfMine [POST JAM FIX].zip 250 MB
TheEnemyOfMine.zip 248 MB

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